Portable Fire Extinguishers - A business that provides any or all of the following has great possibilities for firefighters - sales, service, installation, training, guidance, etc.

Rise above and beyond others to provide great service to customers, otherwise you will be just another vendor wanting a payment for services from customers.

Why does most every business have portable fire extinguishers on the premises?   Is it because the local fire department requires it?  Required by OSHA?  Required by an insurance company?   What's the difference between an insurance company and an insurance agent?  Is it OK for a business owner to inspect and service portable fire extinguishers on the premises if capable?   Is some type of license required to do that? 

The correct answers to the above questions might surprise you.   Knowing how to properly answer and explain the answers to customers will make you a vendor who goes above and beyond and gets referrals to more customers.

What are the correct answers to the above?   How can you learn?   Before addressing these concerns, here is how to learn for yourself:

OSHA defined, its purpose and further details - A great knowledge tool is to take an OSHA course that explains the basics.   You can receive such a course online and learn when you prefer and what you prefer.  The knowledge will be useful in many areas of your firefighting practice and valuable for a Portable Fire Extinguisher Business.   Information on enrolling in an OSHA General Industry course online is available here

Insurance agents and insurance companies - Think of a local Chevrolet dealership.    It is usually locally owned and the name includes an individual.   John Doe Chevrolet for example.   That's where you purchase your new Chevrolet, get it serviced, repaired if necesssary, etc.   That dealer earns a commission for making the sale.

The dealer orders your new Chevrolet from the company that manufactured the vehicle.   In this case, the Chevrolet or General Motors company.

An insurance agency is often locally owned such as The John Doe Agency or maybe John Doe Insurance Services.  

The John Doe Agency ... 



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